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Here is our warning, if you are after a cheesy, cheap looking Indian wedding video, we are not the company for you. Our background is in television and film, we shoot everything one way, beautifully and clean BUT we do know our way around an Indian wedding. The founder of the company even got married in a traditional ceremony (how is that for dedication). Your video will show off your event but it will also maintain a sense of class.

We specialise in high quality, amazing videos that highlight the best your wedding has to offer. Very simply, we will make you an amazing wedding video that you can be proud of.

Suvin and Raveen Wedding


This amazing spectacle was filmed over three days at the Steam Whistle Brewery, Roy Tompson Hall and The Ritz. We captured all of the passion, excitement and love that was shown over this amazing period. The couple wanted a longer video that showcased everything the wedding entailed.

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